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Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a TopDocDX affiliate.

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission on hardware/software systems. Earning affiliate income couldn't be easier. You simply refer your friends, clients, co-workers.

The affiliate program is designed to provide you income from sales made by your referrals. Personal purchases do not qualify for the commissions.


Distributor Territories

TopDocDX is looking for companies and practitioners to distribute to help us bring on in office testing opportunities by identifying clinics that would be interested in providing preventative testing to their patients. There is no cost to the clinic as TopDocDX will provide the equipment, software, and certified testing specialist. This is an opportunity for the clinician to  gain income while providing powerful ANS / Heart Rate Variability products. Generous commissions are available to Qualified Sales Professionals and paid based diagnostic equipment monthly management. 



TopDocDx has partnered with a leading manufacturer of noninvasive systems and devices that improve health, wellbeing and performance for consumers throughout the world. The market potential for our products spans the entire health, educational and fitness industry.

TopDocDX is a company focused on only working with those industry leaders developing innovative products using proprietary technology that provides innovative research and educational products for the healthcare professionals and the patient populations they serve. Our skill is in the development of cutting edge software and hardware concepts.

Our primary focus is to align with strategic partners and investors who wish to develop cutting edge physiological monitoring products that promote healthy outcomes for the general population.


Non-Invasive, Painless, Preventative Testing,  to

Prevent Possible Life Threatening Conditions From Before They Are A Threat

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